Glow community.

This is an app for mothers trying to conceive, mothers to be, and those to keep track of aunt flow or whatever people want to call it. This is not an app for people to be hateful to one another. I understand if people wanna get mad cause someone posts a clearly positive photo in the faint lines group. But commenting on people's photos calling them stupid, harassing them, ect? Come on now. We're all adults, we're not in the 6th grade anymore. We need to grow up and pick fights with someone just because we feel like it. Do you want your sons and daughters growing up being rude to people just because they feel like it? I highly doubt it..or at least I know I don't want my son growing up to be rude. so to all you ladies I see posting rude stuff all over knock it off and be the person you want to be your children to be. Stop being so hateful!