Anniversary of the loss of our little bean

Erica • Married, SHM, 1 child JWH after ttc 3+ yrs multiple mc, due with baby #2 any day
One year ago today we lost our little jelly bean. We had lost several pregnancies before and a few after, just a few days or sometimes hours after finding out we were expecting each time. We called this one our little bean, it made it until 5 weeks. Each loss was equally heartbreaking but I think that this one stands out in my mind the most. Not just because it made it the furthest but because this marked the turning point for us. This was when we faced the reality that something wasn't right. We started the process of going to a fertility clinic, whom helped us to conceive and keep Jaxson. This was the beginning of the hardest year yet. Not only did we grieve the loss of our bean but all that were lost before it, and face the possibility that having children of our own may not have been an option for us. Together we embarked on the journey of fertility testing options and various medications. And once we did finally conceive again we had to face the ever present fears of loosing yet another precious child. Thankfully the meds worked and this one "stuck"! We are now 17 weeks pregnant with a beautiful healthy baby boy! (our 8th child). I hope that our story can be one of hope and encouragement for those that are struggling with unexplained pregnancy loss or infertility. One year ago today I was ready to throw in the towel and just look how far we have come in that short amount of time!