My Fiance is More Excited

So me and my fiance went out yesterday for our ultrasound, I had a job interview, etc and we went into Sears. Usually he wants to look at tools but this time he walked right by them and straight to the baby stuff. He was oogling over the cribs and the bouncers and the clothes lol and then said "we have to make sure she has everything". And hes the one who wants a boy 😂😂😂😂 i lost it and was crying from laughter. And then he proceeded to scream their were "maternity socks" in the maternity clothes section. Oh my lord help me with this one lol he also gets on me about taking my prenatals...tells me we cant go out to eat anymore and then says because baby is growing we need to go eat somewhere lol i guess I know this baby will be spoiled