i HATE this girl😭

I need to vent. LIKE BADLY!! This girl, let's call her Loren or something, really brought my self esteem way down! I ignore her all the freaking time but it's like she depends on me. Let me explain, she's that girl who takes advantage of you. She makes me look like her friend and sometimes I want to but she has this other side to her that literally bullies me. Sometimes she make you special and on other days she's just a total bitch! Today she called me ugly and I just wanted to cry and then a boy started laughing. Like no. You don't know how much this kills me. And this girl, basically everyone in this grade hates her and I feel like she knows this too but she acts like I'm not her ONLY "friend." I'm starting to see why all my other friends question why I'm even friends with her. She calls me dumb all the time. She acts differently when a boy is around. And she says I have no friends when really I have a whole bunch of supporting friends and I'm her only supporting person. Today though she really got to me. You can't just call someone ugly. It's rude and I just can't deal with bitches like her. She lies all the freaking time. She makes me feel special one moment then I just want to disappear the next. She's worse than Alison Dilaurentis. She needs JESUS. I pity her. I have thoughts about ignoring her completely but when she knows I'm mad at her she keeps calling my name. I regret being so rude and mean posting this but sometimes this is like my own personal place I can put my thoughts without having you guys judge me. But today I just want to fade away because those short words she said to me today really hurt.