Hysteroscopy,laparoscopy & tubal cannulation

I am going to have these tests done in April, I'm just wondering if there is anyone else that has had all of this done to infertility and if you were
​Able to get pregnant after. 4 years ago I had a laparoscopic surgery because my appendix had burst and they misdiagnosed it and it caused a pelvic abscess because it was leaking, this caused me to have a lot of adhesions and scarring. I'm also suffering from endometriosis and ovarian cysts, they found 2 on my right ovary and one large 7cm one on my left ovary, I also have my left Fallopian tube blocked. We have been TTC for a year now and
​I'm starting to feel hopeless, I am
​Constantly in pain and am wondering if there is any success stories
​From having these procedures done.
​Any information would be helpful.
​Thank you!!