My husband gets things done

We had been ttc for over 18 months my husband deploys every six months naval said we have to be trying for 12 consecutive months. The trainee they put us with said that he could do nothing and that he was going to talk to the doctor to clear me to go home. I was crying in agony I have wanted kids for so long and this guy says he isn't going to help. 20 minutes later he comes in again and hands me paperwork to fill out. I JUST WANT TO SAY I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO IN LOVE AND SO PROUD OF MY HUSBAND!!!!!!! I'm still crying and my husband takes the paper's hands me some tissues and tells the guy there is something they can do they just are not doing it and he wants to see the doctor. now. Anywho doc comes in says to get into a robe and the next thing I know I'm getting all sorts of tests and workups. Never the less I still stand by what I always say " as much as the military says they care about the family, the only one who matters is the service member themselves."