SO is with his ex --- Am i overreacting?

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*Yes I know this is the wrong group but you ladies know me and I love all of you so help me out here*

I am 17, senior in HS, 7 months pregnant. SO is 20 and works full time in construction. Every morning I wake him up when I get up and we ride the bus. I get off at my school and he rides downtown to take the train. **we only drive on weekends to save gas money** But today he insisted on driving to work. I didn't understand why but I was too tired to question so I just got in the car, he dropped me off at work and went on his way. He told me to text him when I got out of school so we could grab a late lunch/early dinner. So I texted him about an hour ago asking where he was and he said he was seeing his son. I have no problem with him seeing his son. I love his son and I plan on having his son there when our baby girl is born. I don't like the babymama. She's 24 and acts like she's my age. I texted him back and told him I was catching the bus home and it would have been nice to know he was gonna be with his ex today and not at work. I'm pissed that all day I thought he was at work and he was really with this trifling ass female who I KNOW is about to all on Facebook posting throwback pictures of her and SO and talking about how she spent today with him making people think they are back together. Which will trickle in the messages to my phone flooding me with screenshots of "oh my god Nichole just posted. Omg Nichole said. Omg Francisco's with Nichole " and i don't want that.

How do I tell him that I would like to be notified verbally when he sees her? Do I have a right to ask to be notified? Again, it's not his son, it's the mom. She lives for drama. When she found out I was pregnant she stopped letting him see his son and threatened child support. Then out of the blue she suddenly lets him see his son today? I feel like something is up on her end and he's always gonna fall for it because he loves his son