Dyscalculia (not tested for)

This is like a super rare I guess learning disability but I have it. It's like basically impossible for me to do math. I was tested as a child and went to a special Ed school for so called adhd (which I think is totally over diagnosed) and never was officially diagnosed with dyscalculia I'm not sure why when I can't even tell time on a clock can't figure out my left from my right and still use my fingers to count and  forget about anything above basics arithmetic (impossible for me without a calculator) so many degrees and jobs I would have liked to get that totally don't involve math but of course universities throw math at you even for jobs such as dental hygienist where math is irrelevant. Now at the age of 23 I have to pay 500-600 bucks to have myself tested and diagnosed Ima facility cuz board of Ed in New York only managed child education and I just find it so unfair  that this isn't tested for. It's beyond obvious that I have this and if only theyde tested for it earlier I'de probably actually be working and  not trying to apply to colleg for the millionth time hoping I can somehow skip the math classes :( anyone else have this or feel as if they weren't properly diagnosed as a kid with some learning disability?