What Helped us get our BFP.

Honestly I still don't think it's sunk in but it finally happened!!! After months of temping, stressing and literally 65 BFN's (big waste of $) 
​We finally did it!! 
​Things we did differently this cycle
was I actually stopped obsessing over my BBT. I didn't temp. 
​And most importantly I stopped making sex be just about wanting to 
  be pregnant!! 
​Things I noticed with my body before it got the big bfp
​Heartburn badly! (Which is odd for me)
Lately I noticed my BBT has stayed elevated.
Tons tons tons of watery CM! Usually in mornings! 
​ANYWAY---- just thought I'd share!!!! Sending tons of babydust
​To everyone!!! Praying this is
​The month for you!!