Do toddlers have pregnancy intituion?!? Opinions please!!!


Okay so my Husband, Mother, and I were playing with my niece earlier this evening. Just eating dinner and trying to start little conversations. She is 3 1/2. Me and hubby have been ttc for two years. I am on my third round of Clomid this month. Hubby and I realllllllllyyyy want twin boys.. But it's not something we have ever talked about in front of her. I asked her "do you want uncle hunter and I to have a baby?" She said no...

but then I said "you don't want a brother cousin?" And then she said yes.

And then she said "your gonna have twins!"

.she repeated this a few times. My mom and I just looked at each other like what did she just say?! She was really clingy today also and wanted to sit next to me all night. Now mind you... her mom is 22 weeks pregnant and she knows what pregnancy is and I'm heard she had heard the term twins before.. But she knew that her mom was having a girl even when everyone was saying boy. She insisted girl always and she was the only one right. I don't think I'm pregnant because I started my period on the 2nd and tonight is my fourth night of clomid. Should I take another test to be sure? Could she be predicting my future oregnancy?!??! Am I crazy?? Lol I just got chills when she said this and I believe kids can sense things. What you you all think????