If the guy you were with and had a baby with came at you and said they would use your child to attract women or to get pussy than turn back and say it's not like it happened ...how would you take that , and also
Came at you and said he's not locked down to any "pussy" how would you respond to that? Than the next day said they didn't mean it but constantly on and off says things like that to you..
And another issue I moved out because of issues between us and we now have a 1 month old together..than at nights during the week days he comes gets me only at night than takes me home in the mornings...to my parents ...and doesn't really act as if he cares That's how things are now and now my parents think he should be giving me gas money and for me to file child support..but he says if I do that , that the amount is all I will get...and it will cause issues...idk ...
Feel torn on what to do, I tried to have a heart to heart with him last night for how he treats me and the things he says but it's not processing it seems, and he blows it off in a sense and just says "I'm not doing anything just stop " but yet every night his phone is still on silent and the screen is turned faced down and if I mention his phone he won't let me see it because "there's nothing on it" 
I'm hurting I wish I knew what to do.