​my husband and I had been trying for 6 months

Harmonie • I`m a stay at home mom and I miscarried in August at almost 3 months. We are currently expecting our second in June ☺️
​my husband and I had been trying for 6 months. For a moment we had given up hope and thought that we were never going to fall pregnant again :-/. This month seemed a little different than the past months, I first experienced brown spotting a week before me period (implantation bleeding) but I didn't think anything of it because it was so light. So after I experienced that, I suddenly started feeling sleepy and moody all the time. I decided to wait to take a test at least when I became two or three days late. I waited til my third day to test and first morning pee and that is when I got my first positive!!! :)))) Good luck ladies