My story of ttc

Hey! My husband & I have been ttc now for a little over 5 years & 7 months. The 1st year passed by and we finally went to a doctor who started me on my first round of clomid. I took the clomid for 6 months and couldn't take it anymore. Due to insurance reasons we went 2 more years without any type of treatment or doctors advice. Our 4th year I finally went to a doctor who wasted 1 year of our time and basically did nothing. I switched to a better job working for one of the most amazing hospitals around where I live and got on better insurance (which is the beginning of this year.) In February and March I was having the most horrible pain ever! I found an amazing doctor who did a ct scan & ultra sound and found a huge cyst on my ovary. She was 98% sure that I had endometriosis and wanted to do surgery the next week to get everything started. I went in the following week and she burned of the endometriosis and said she checked my tubes while she was there. She said I was only back there an hour and it took her 45 minutes to unblock my tubes!! I had to wait 4 months after the procedure to ttc on our own. The 4 months passed and still no pregnancy. I went back to her and she put me on another round of clomid (but this time my tubes are open). I am about to start my 3rd month of this round since I just received another bfn this morning. I have 3 more months (February) after this before we can move onto anything else. It is very frustrating and so hard to go through all of this! Does anybody have any advice on ways to increase fertility chances? I'm to the point of just wanting to give up!!