Tanya • I`m 27 and TTC for first baby. I have PCOS
Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had these symptoms in their TWW and gotten a BFP. I think I'm about 9-10dpo and hav had some if these since about 3 days ago.
​- achey boobs, top to sides/armpits and tingley nipples
​- tired
​- twinges in belly
​- headaches
​- runny nose (blowing with a little blood sorry Tmi)
​- white/slightly yellowy thick creamy discharge (sorry tmi again)
​- lower back ache 
​- overall lousy feeling
​Now I know they r so similar to AF coming but I don't usually hav the CM, runny nose, twinges this early or lower back pain..
​Pls let me know your stories and symptoms:)