Need advice. TMI.

My LMP was Sept 22 and I have not had a period yet or a BFP yet and I'm a little confused about it all. On CD 23 I had some pink discharge and I thought it was IB but I'm wondering now if it was me ovulating because Tuesday night I had some brown discharge and a little blood when I whipped. Then Wednesday while getting ready for work I had some dark brown spotting all day for like 24 hours. Then today it started again and it was so dark it was almost black. Normally when I start my period I know because I get really bad cramps and that never happened. I still have all the symptoms like peeing a lot, nausea, headaches, sore boobs, bloating, and achiness in my lower abdomen. I've been pregnant before so I kinda know the feeling. Any opinions? Do you think it was my period even though it was 10/11 days late? Anyone been in a similar situation with the spotting or the late BFP?