Traveling with your Breastfeeding Babe: Top Tips for a Smooth Journey



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The world awaits! Having a baby doesn’t have to put a pause on your wanderlust. Breastfeeding mamas can absolutely explore new places with their little ones. But a little extra planning can make those adventures go much smoother. Here at Glow, we know breastfeeding moms are superheroes, and we want to help you conquer travel with confidence!

Be Prepared: Pack Like a Pro

Just like any adventure, packing is key. Breastfeeding on the go requires a few extra essentials. Consider these must-haves:

  • Comfy Nursing Clothes: Pack versatile pieces that allow for easy access for nursing.
  • Nursing Cover: If you prefer privacy while feeding, a breathable nursing cover provides comfort for you and your baby.
  • Breast Pump: A portable pump like Momcozy‘s hands-free design allows you to express milk discreetly and comfortably on the go, whether you’re sightseeing or stuck in transit. Momcozy pumps are ultra-quiet, so you won’t disrupt your little one or fellow travelers. Plus, their lightweight design makes them perfect for fitting into any travel bag.

Pumping on the Move: Freedom and Flexibility

Portable pumps are a game-changer for traveling moms. They offer the freedom to maintain your milk supply and feeding schedule, even when exploring new surroundings. Here’s how a pump like Momcozy can be your travel BFF:

  • Discreet Pumping: The quiet operation allows you to pump almost anywhere without attracting unwanted attention. Need to express milk mid-flight or on a train ride? No problem!
  • Convenience and Comfort: Momcozy‘s wearable design frees your hands, allowing you to pump while multitasking. Catch up on emails, read a book, or enjoy a healthy snack while keeping your milk supply stocked.
  • Lightweight and Compact: No more bulky pumps taking up precious space in your luggage! Momcozy‘s pumps are small and light, fitting easily into your diaper bag or carry-on.

Finding Your Zen: Nursing on the Go

Embrace the adventure! Here are some tips for comfortable and relaxed nursing while traveling:

  • Scout for Nursing-Friendly Spots: Airports often have lactation rooms, and many restaurants offer comfortable seating for nursing moms. Look for parks or green spaces that provide a peaceful outdoor environment.
  • Embrace the Cover-Up (or Not!): Use a nursing cover if it makes you feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. But remember, breastfeeding is natural and beautiful – you should always feel empowered to feed your baby however you feel most comfortable.

With a little planning and the right tools, breastfeeding moms can conquer the world with their little adventurers by their side. Glow applauds moms who embrace travel and continue to nourish their babies with breastmilk. By incorporating a travel-friendly pump like Momcozy‘s into your packing list, you’ll have the peace of mind and flexibility to explore new places while maintaining your breastfeeding journey. So, pack your bags, grab your Momcozy pump, and get ready to create lasting memories with your breastfeeding babe!