The Beautiful Journey of Breastfeeding Your Adopted or Surrogated Baby



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For adoptive and surrogate mothers, the decision to breastfeed can be incredibly rewarding. Breastfeeding offers a unique bonding experience and provides essential nutrients for your precious new arrival. If you’re considering breastfeeding your adopted or surrogate baby, you’re not alone! Many mothers choose this path, and Aeroflow is here to support you every step of the way.

Preparation is Key: Starting Early Makes a Difference

Studies have shown that starting the induction process prenatally can significantly increase your chances of successful lactation. Ideally, you’d want to begin around 2-4 weeks before your baby’s arrival. Aeroflow offers a variety of resources to help you get started, including:

  • Consultation with a Lactation Specialist: Our certified lactation consultants can provide personalized guidance and answer all your questions about inducing lactation. They can also create a customized stimulation and pumping protocol tailored to your specific needs.
  • Educational Resources: We have a wealth of informative articles and videos on our website that cover everything from massage techniques to pumping schedules.

Stimulation and Pumping: The Essentials for Milk Production

There are two main approaches to inducing lactation: stimulation and milk removal. Aeroflow can equip you with everything you need for both:

  • Nipple Stimulation: Our gentle, silicone nipple stimulators can help mimic a baby’s natural suckling motion, triggering milk production.
  • Breast Pumps: A high-quality breast pump is essential for frequent milk removal, which is crucial for signaling your body to produce more milk. Aeroflow offers a wide range of breast pumps, from manual options to hospital-grade electric pumps, to perfectly suit your needs and preferences.

Direct Breastfeeding: The Power of Skin-to-Skin Contact

Once your baby arrives, frequent direct breastfeeding is vital for establishing a milk supply. Skin-to-skin contact not only promotes bonding but also stimulates milk production. Our lactation specialists can provide guidance on positioning and latch techniques to ensure a comfortable and successful breastfeeding experience for both you and your baby.

Building a Strong Support System

The breastfeeding journey can be challenging, especially when inducing lactation. Having a strong support system is crucial. Aeroflow stands by you every step of the way, but consider connecting with local lactation support groups or experienced adoptive or surrogate mothers who have breastfed.