5 Facts about Sex and Fertility

Glow • Sat Nov 19. 2016

Become as nerdy as you are sexy with these quick 5 facts!

1. A fulfilling sex life can bolster the immune system, improve blood flow, and help partners sleep better.

2. Studies show that female orgasm may help with sperm transport.

3. Sexual position has no correlation with becoming pregnant.

4. Scientists believe that an active sex life with a regular partner can keep you looking young.

5. A woman is born with all the eggs she’ll ever have.

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Ma Posted at Dec 22. 2016
Yes that ish is crazy but god is going to give us a baby soon 
Yv Posted at Dec 19. 2016
We've been trying for a whole year and nothing yet 😭. I'm starting to think I can't have kids even though I'm only 23. 
Sa Posted at Dec 13. 2016
I can't believe that about number 5 I never new that honestly that fucking sucks!!!!