Cost of Fertility Treatments


Fertility treatments can be prohibitively expensive. At Glow we believe that everyone has a right to have a child, and we aim to support couples in their quest to becoming parents. For more on that, see the Glow Fertility Program.

What Does IVF Cost?

The average cost of IVF is $14,000 per cycle, before medications, for “fresh” IVF. “Fresh” IVF means that freshly harvested egg and sperm are mixed together to create an embryo, and this embryo is implanted in your uterus in that same cycle.

However, more and more, patients are choosing to do delayed implantation using “Frozen” embryos.  The reason behind this shift is threefold:

  1. The advancement in chromosomal screening (PGD) allows the patient to choose the healthiest embryos to transfer.

  2. The advancements in the freezing techniques have made embryo loss almost negligible.

  3. Implanting in a subsequent cycle allows for the patient's body to recover and achieve optimal levels for implantation.

Adding a "Frozen" cycles on top of a fresh cycle will cost an additional $3,000 to $5,000 on top of the cost of the retrieval cycle. Frozen cycles can be done for as many times as you have embryos, inserting one to two each time.

IVF medications cost about $3,000-$5,000 per IVF cycle

Additional factor that can increase the price of an IVF procedure are:

  • Genetic Testing (~$3,000+)

  • Donor Eggs (~$10,000+)

  • Donor Sperm  (~$400+)

  • ICSI (~$1,200+)

  • Assisted Hatching (~$400+)

All these choices, in addition to the clinic you choose for treatment, will determine your cost for IVF.

What does IUI Cost?

The cost of IUI with a partner’s sperm is typically between $500-$2500. This includes the procedure and sperm washing (removing the sperm from the semen to prevent infection). That said, note that fertility medications will increase this price. Some fertility medications can cost as much as $3,000-$5,000 per IUI cycle.

Additional factors that can increase the price of an IUI include:

  • Additional bloodwork  and ultrasounds ($300+)

  • Donor Sperm  ($100+)

Does Insurance Cover These Costs?

While your insurance plan may help with some of the costs, most insurance plans do not cover IVF or IUI. Your individual insurance carrier can provide exact information about your coverage. Some states require that insurance providers carry some level of coverage for fertility treatments. Resolve, the National Infertility Association, keeps up-to-date information on policies by state.

Because insurance coverage isn’t typical, most people pay out of pocket and look for cost savings where possible. Tax credits, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and customized savings plans, such as IVFAdvantage, or IVF Refund Programs can help offset the high cost of IVF.

The Glow Fertility Program also provides significant financial savings on fertility treatments. Call 1-866-456-9669 (1-866-GLOW-NOW) to learn more today.