Bad news from best friend :-(

Renae • 💙 '09....💙 '11....💔 '14.... 💔 '14....💔 '15....💔 '16....💔 '17....💜 12/12/17
I was catching up with my bestie tonight...she seemed a little different then usual....she told me that she had to end her 12wk pregnancy :-( they found that at the 12wk scan the baby's heart rate was faster then it should b beating and there was too much fluid under the baby's skin! She's had an extremely hard time with keeping a pregnancy going....this is the 1st time she had to end a pregnancy and she's had 2other miscarriages b4 the 12wk mark and has 1 healthy baby! 
​No1 knows that my hubby and I r trying so how do I tell her that (when and if) I have a baby on the way?!?! I want to b able to share this sort of good news with her, I don't want to b nervous or not tell her! Has any1 else been in the same position?!?