If you want an HONEST tweak :)

I keep seeing ppl posting pics and there is nothing there. Or it is clearly an indent on guess what kind of test? FRER and then getting all offended and deleting it or biting pls heads off bc they are being honest.
1. If it's a true positive - you don't need to tweak it. If you don't want honest opinions wait a week past ur exp af and test. Ull get a clear answer and u won't need to tweak.
2. U can't just invert it. It doesn't mean the line has color. Evaps and indents invert with a perfect 2nd line most times.
3. I will help you tweak in a way I have  found to be the best way to pull red or pink out of red dyes and blue out of blue dyes.. I am not going to just invert it and say I see a line !
If you want an honest tweak that I researched how to do on countless boards and verified using probably hundreds of my own tests thru 2 pregnancies and 3 mc - send me a picture in clear white light - no yellow tint, no filters, above the test w no flash. I will do my best to post a tweak and be as honest as possible..
If you don't want the truth, then don't post - or wait until you don't need a tweak ;)