I'm not sure what to think.

Courtney • I'm a stay at home mom and currently working towards my degree in nursing.
So I had a BM and then contractions hit me like a wall. My entire abdomen turns into. Boulder and tightens so bad I'm convinced my belly is going to rip open. Pain scale is like 7-8. I laid down because that usually gets them to let up and it only takes a few minutes and then I'm fine. While it did let up on the pain, I could feel it still tighten and the second I sat up, the wall hit me again. I'm trying to time them, but the tightness doesn't let up entirely between contractions. I've been drinking fluids all day because I've been dealing with false labor the past two weeks. This is the first time laying down didn't do a thing. Getting up and walking they still continue to happen. I'm sad to get my hopes up because of the past two weeks.
I was induced with my first, so I still haven't experienced natural, real labor. What are your thoughts? L&D would just tell me to time them for an hour, but seeing as that's difficult because the tightness doesn't go away completely, I don't see the point in calling them. 
(I'm 38 weeks, so this kid can come out anytime!)