Weird or what?!

So I'm a total believer in psychics, healers, all that jazz. I also understand how many can think it's a load of crap so this isn't meant for argument...just have to share a little tid bit. I got peak ovulation readings on Feb 29th but had no other signs so figured I didn't actually ovulate and sure enough I'm on day 60 of my cycle and nada. Got bloodwork done last week-everything came back normal so what gives?! Husband and I are TTC after our ectopic in November so I was just hoping my period would come so we could start fresh. I've been feeling really down lately about TTC and questioning why my body isn't cooperating and while talking to a friend she recommended Reiki. I thought hey, it wouldn't hurt. I went tonight and this lady was amazing!!! She is also very intuitive and told me things that gave me changing experience. At the end of the session she told me everything will be ok and I'll see that very soon. Tonight I came home and just had a gut feeling to take an ovulation test and got a flashing smiley!!! I'm in shock and I'm really hoping this is my REAL ovulation coming. Wish me luck!!!