My BFP <3

Just wanted to share my story of our BFP! I had a Mirena IUD in for about 3 years and had it removed in December 2015. I had a few days of spotting, then a normal period about a week later. My first regular cycle was in January. We used conceive easy and opk's. In February, we used Preseed bbt and opk's. I tried acupuncture that cycle and ovulated really late, like cd26 late. By this time, l was really frustrated with opk's because it took so long to ovulate, and it was stressing me out. In March, we decided to loosen up and only use bbt so that I would know that I ovulated. I also used Preseed this cycle. Every cycle we would BD almost every day of my fertile window. I generally start my period on 12-13 dpo. On 12 dpo, my bbt stayed elevated but I started spotting, and I took a pregnancy test that was negative. I had 4 days of very light brown spotting, so I thought I was most definitely out, but my bbt stayed elevated, and I think even began a triphasic pattern (I was traveling, so at a 3 hour time difference, my schedule was off, and I missed my bbt many mornings). 16 dpo, I got my BFP! I didn't really have any pregnancy symptoms. I usually have low back pain before a period, which I did not have. I didn't have noticeable dizzy spells until the day of my BFP. I calculate my due date as November 30, 2016. I really think part of my success was relaxing about TTC. Thank you for reading my story!