My SIL just had her baby last Friday. The hospital that she gave birth in is over an hour away from where I live, and I am 37 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me that I can't travel more than an hour away just in case something were to happen. My SIL's baby is the first grand child for my in laws, so they're excited, as they should be. My husband and I went to the hospital late Last Thursday night, because his dad kept telling us that she was going to have the baby soon. We got there around 9:30pm, and nothing was happening. We finally left at 11:30pm, because we both had to work in the morning. My SIL ended up having a c-section at around 1:30 am Friday. On Saturday, yesterday, my husbands dad calls to let us know that they're going down to visit the baby, and that we should go with. The problem is, is that we're still working on our baby's nursery. We had to start from scratch, tearing down walls, insulating, sheet rocking, etc. So my husband told him that we would like to go, but we have our own stuff going on. His dad sounded mad, and hung up the phone. Now we find out today that our brand new niece is going to need heart surgery, and was transferred to a hospital even further away. So I definitely can't go visit her. I feel bad, I really do, but I'm almost ready to pop, and we have a long ways to go before we're ready for our own baby. I just feel like his whole family is pissed at me. But what can I do? I have to think about my baby first. Am I being totally selfish? I didn't make my husband tell his dad that we couldn't go visit. My husband can go if he wants, but I really don't think that I can.