Am I being unreasonable, or was my bf being an ass

Ok. Well a couple days ago i was really horny. I always seem to get that way right before mother nature strikes. Anyways i was excited to go to my bfs house and we were going to spend the whole night having sex and just having a good time. And I was having fun turning him on. But then I started feeling really sick. With a fever, migraine, and just feeling terrible. Well I told him that I felt sick and he got all but hurt and made me feel guilty about turning him on saying he had blue balls and everything. So after 2 hours of him making me feel guilty I told him fine I'll come over but I'm leaving after an hour. So I got there and he's on his second bottle of wine, and isn't in pain at all. It takes him over an hour just to get into the bedroom. And then he goes down on me, which he has never done. Then he's like you can either stay and I can continue, or go home horny. Well now I'm feeling super sick, but turned on. So I say I'll stay. Then I start yawning because I've taken meds to help me sleep. And so I'm basically falling asleep and he's pissed because I'm not into it at all, I'm sick and tired and just want to sleep. And he wants to have hot monkey sex with me on top doing all the work. Is it unreasonable for me to be upset when I go over to please him with a quickie. And he expects a 4 hour marathon when I'm super sick.