Pregnancy Scare - What do I do?

I'm seventeen. My period is 3 days late, and i had sex thursday with my boyfriend. we had protected sex, but he, at one point, took the condom off and immediately jacked himself off and then fingered me with the same hand, which, its safe to assume, that had cum on it. This is the second time he's done that. 
Basically, I've been nauseous in the morning for the last couple days, I've been bloated, having issues with my appetite, and I've been getting tired more often than usual, but when it comes to going to bed, I cant sleep. I've had light-headed headaches often, too. I've been extremely nauseous when I wake up, it lasts for a few hours then goes away. My appetite is not as active as usual, but when I get hungry, it's for small stuff. (I'm currently laying on my dad's couch eating fruit by the foot and a packet of peanut butter.)
Of course theres the idea that it could be my period, but i have not PMSed at all this month, my period is three days late, and i have had 0 symptoms of pms. The first thing to happen every month, for me, is my boobs hurt and i break out. I broke out slightly 4 or 5 days ago, but thats it. 
I'm afraid I'm pregnant. I guess the only way to tell is if I get a test, but i need advice. Any help or advice you can give helps immensely. Thank you