Advice please!!! :(

My wedding is june 18th 2016 & my S/o wants to postpone it for a year. Because I dont have a career, I mean I have a job but I dont have a career. I finished high school and he didnt. He does not have a career either and he works in the oil field so he could loose his job any day because of the oil dropping. I work in home health so I wont loose my job, there isn't a shortage of people to take care of. I dont see why we need to wait I dont see what it is going to do or what he is trying to prove. We have been together 8 years and im so annoyed. What do I do. What do I say. Im so irritated </3 maybe he is getting scared because its getting so close, but you know what if he wasnt prepared he shouldn't have set a date with me or even let me buy so much stuff for the wedding. He should have said something months ago. Im so upset.