So, I got all of this candy on Easter, and I accidentally went crazy and had wayyy too much of it. Any ways to help with it? I know, it's super unhealthy and I should have resisted the urge, but right after I finished I got a craving for something else and yeah. I'm trying to resist my cravings but sometimes I just go insane. I'm not proud of it. Any things that can help to get the sugar off? And resist sugar cravings? I have some peppermints, Altoids, ice breakers and Cadbury eggs left, and most of them are almost empty. Not from just today of course, but yeah. Once I finish those off I won't have anything else to binge on, and I'll probably go back to eating the second sweetest thing, the giant packages of raspberries in the fridge. So uh, yeah. Any tips would be appreciated (FYI- I am on my period and I crave up a storm of sweets usually during that time. I'm not this bad all the time, but it happens). Thank you!