Need support and to vent

Shawn—Marie • Texas
To preface this: I am dating this guy from work. We have been together almost four months now. But, right now it's kind of complicated. He has an ex wife that he has two adorable boys with. I've been noticing something was off and just didn't say anything. Well finally last night we had a talk that was a long time coming. He was telling me how his ex was trying to get him back, saying she has changed (which he doubts) and everything else. Well he told me that while there are still some feelings for her that he loves me and wants to be with me. The problem is that she uses the kids against him, or uses me against him so that he can't see his kids. He told me that he really needs his kids in his life and I agree they come first... Now I just have to see if he can stay with me and have his kids in his life or if he has to leave me so that he can have his kids.. I will support him either way. But I need support and I don't have anyone to talk to. Add this on top of being 30+4 weeks pregnant (not his but he loves her anyways) and I'm just miserable, but selfishly going to hold him close till I (might) have to let him go