My obgyn

Does anyone else's doctor refuse to see them? She will not see me until I'm 9 weeks which is fine. I called her at around 4 weeks to schedule my first appt and she made it for when I'm 9 weeks. I called her around 5 1/2 weeks again because I had questions about BV and I was having some cramping, she said it was normal but if anything changed to give her a call back. She also told me to go to the ER if I thought something might be wrong. Well my cramps lately have been much stronger and a lot more frequent and it's been worrying me since I've already had a miscarriage and we really want this baby. I'm 7 weeks now so I called her yesterday, she tells me if the cramps continue, go to the ER. Why won't she see me? I've decided just to wait until my appt on the 17th since I'm not bleeding. But I was wondering is this normal for them to just send you to the ER instead of seeing you? I asked for blood work to be done to calm my nerves and she would only tell me to go to the ER and the hospital will do that and an emergency ultrasound. Idk I feel like she should see me if I'm worried about something and not turn me away. Any experience with this? I don't want to wait at the ER for hours especially with everything going around right now since there's no bleeding, just the bad cramps. So I was just wondering is this normal for them to do? I don't want to call every time I feel something is wrong if that's the only option she gives me is to go to the ER.
Thanks for the input?