Today's the day... SHIT 😭😱😬

Olive 🦋 • Wife, writer, stay at home mommy to Luna Violet and Kodiak Sage 🌑🐻

So went in for my normal appointment, and now I'm currently hooked up and getting a foley bulb. Just ate my last meal before everything starts.

Fluid was down to a 7, and baby only scored 4/8 on the BPP. Already knew I'd be getting induced in my 37th week, but I was not expecting this! I was planning on shopping and returning a shower curtain after my appointment. Guess you should always be prepared! Now I'm sitting here crying at the thought of her coming out of my vagina. I'm not ready 😭

Currently contracting on my own a little, hoping for a smooth induction. Please pray everything turns out good!