So aggravated!


So here's the story: My DH's nephew is living with us for a little while to make a better life and stay out of trouble. He just moved here a week ago from Georgia. I live in Texas. We began the process of getting his drivers license. Because he is under 25 he has to take an adult drivers education course online and print the certificate. They began this class while I was working yesterday so I have no idea what site he went to or anything. Well, today my DH'S nephew started having issues logging in and unfortunately he grew up mostly in Puerto Rico so his English isn't that well. My DH starts screaming at me to help him! How do I help when I wasn't even there and don't know anything that's going on! It's so frustrating when he just comes home in a pissy ass mood and makes everything all negative. We were all chilling just trying to figure it out when he came home with his bullshit. Ugh!

Sorry so long. Just so irritable now.