Large let down and heavy milk ejection

My son has been a serious suckers since birth. He's 12 days old now and continues to be an intense sucker so I'm using a nipple shield to save my nipples from the pain, cracking and bleeding that I had in the beginning. My problem is that I have an extremely forceful let down and an over abundance of milk. As soon as my son starts sucking my milk lets down and comes so fast that he can't keep up. He tends to fall asleep at the breast so I have to wake him, usually by undressing him completely. If I don't wake him for just a minute, the milk collects in his mouth, he startles himself, wips his head off my breast and spits the milk everywhere. My lactation consultant told me to pump each breast before each feeding to help with this but I am so tired as it is and feeding my son with the nipple shield can take up to an hour and and half each session so pumping prior is just not going to work. I have to sleep at some point because I have felt the weight and stress of not sleeping and it's not good for my son or myself. Anyone going through this?