8 weeks 2 days- yolk sac but no baby


Hi everyone, yesterday I went in for my first ultrasound. She tried doing the ultrasound transabdominal for about 10 seconds then said we need to do transvaginal. So she went in and literally only looked around for about 15 seconds. She then said that she only sees the yolk sac and no baby. She is wondering if I am not as far along as I thought but according to my calculations that doesnt make sense. So she is sending me to get blood work done to see if my hcg is rising.

Could I be earlier than I thought?

LMP- 2/6/16

Positive pregnancy test- 3/3/16

Could she have missed the baby since she went so fast through the ultrasound? I feel like they usually look around a little harder especially if they are not seeing what they should.

I feel completely pregnant (nausea, breast swelling and sore). I took another pregnancy test yesterday and it was very clearly positive and the clear blue said I was at least 5 weeks along (which is the highest option on that test.)

Any help is welcome! I am going to try to get a second opinion from another doctor.

Thank you!