Here we go?

So all weekend I felt pretty crummy. I had a couple of bouts of vomiting, achey, and just yucky. The week before that I had very loose stools. Friday night I distinctively remember my song dropping. Husband said he could even see a difference. Sunday I started having increased Braxton hicks. Monday I woke up feeling drained and sore. Backache and menstral like cramps. I ended up going to L&D and they told me I was having contractions and I was 1.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced. I was very anxious feeling yesterday and couldn't sit still. Just kept doing odd things around the house to keep busy. Today the contractions are stronger and becoming painful. I haven't timed them because I've felt like there is no way this is it. But it's uncomfortable for sure! I've also noticed that the past couple of days I'm extremely emotional. Crying at the drop of a hat, which hasn't happened the entire pregnancy. Could this be labor? Good lord if it's not and I got a couple more weeks someone please tell me something gives! I can't walk around like this for a couple more weeks! I'm 35 weeks today. Thoughts?! Also, I drink a lot of water to try and stay on top of BH.