Yes or no ?

I've been single for 1 yr. And I've been talking to this guy via text for about 6 months now. We have met once only throughout those 6 months (nothing happened) And he is 21 and lives on his own and owns 3 cars ! And he has told me that he wants to be my sugar daddy and that I should be his sugar baby. He has offered me 1,000 to have sex with him and that he'll spoil me and everything and take me trips . I have him on snapchat and he puts everything so I know he ain't bullshitting lol he invited me once to Hawaii but I didn't have my passport and he was living in two days .anyways the problem is i don't roll that way . I've thought about it but I just don't have the guts to do it because that's not my life style . I've always been working for my own but I never had a guy offer me such a life style just to have sex with him . He has even helped me with my homework via skype. (when it comes to sex I want to feel loved . And not used -.- ) but the money would come in handy especially since I'm not receiving financial aid for school ! Lol

Would you do it yes or no ?

Your opinion matters. Lol