I'm tired of waiting. I need advice please ladies.

Alyssa • We just wanna have a beautiful child together :)
This is so frustrating 
Af is three days late, I tested the day before it was supposed to start and it was negative 
I have cervical soreness, cramps occasionally, and my moods have been off the wall 
I don't know what's happening 
I just want to know if I'm pregnant or not and if I'm not then gosh darnit my period better start so I can keep trying! 
The doctor said if af hasn't showed up by the fourteenth that she would order a quanitative hcg blood test.
But I want to know now! 
Should I wait to test or if I took a first response would it tell me? 
Last month my period was ten days late because of a medicine I had to take for a uti. Could that be making my cycle late this month? Any advice would really help!