Pregnancy brain

I dont know about u ladies but this "pregnancy brain " thing is real lol Ive been saying things that make no sense and when Im texting I forget how to spell ex: sense/ since lol
So yesterdya my bestie sends pictures of her sono she is 4 wks behind me and I go and show my hubby he asks.. Whos baby that it? I jump out and said its Merceditas which is his mom who in our kitchen talking and Im staying away from because she is invading my space.. Anywho lol he just cracks up on me because I been having these moments a lot lately .. Like 20 mins before that a cars tire blew and it sounded loud so we both look out the window to see what happened and I said that was a bomb it sounded loud right? But I meant to say a tire blew.. Lol 😆and there are many more incidents oh the strugles!! ☺️