Why am I not preggo?

Me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby for a couple of years now. And we have both as any luck. I have googled numerous of things (which I probably should not have) I do know there are times when we are intimate that I have pain on one side of my pelvis or in my lower abdominal area. Is that normal? I have mad a couple of lifestyle changes to increase my odds such as not drinking alcohol or taking prenatal vitamins. I am starting to wonder could my weigh play in to why I haven't got preggo yet. Cause I gain a lot of weigh within a short period of time. Please anyone tell me what you think about my situation and the next step I should take. Oh by the way I have seen doctors and they say I look fine I have also had a ovarian cyst before that was drained. And I was recently told I have cervical cyst.