I don't understand

I Really thought this app was to help everyone out.I'm not so sure anymore. I use to love getting on here an now when I do I get frustrated because I see ppl asking for help an then someone has to write a smart comment that's really uncalled for. It's ok for ppl to be honest an not give someone false hope but to be smart or put smart ass comments is not called for.  Like someone took a picture because they was bleeding a little an wasn't sure if it could have been implantation Bleeding or not. Not everyone know's what implantation looks like. Anyways she asks for help an someone has to be smart an say...... It's ur period come on now!! I mean really was that comment really called for ?? Do u really know if it was her period or not ?? No. Anyways I just think it's sad that this app is to get help an u can't get that without someone having something smart to say.