Will it ever stop... 😒

ElleπŸ’‹ β€’ 34 years old. MC on 4/10/16 @ 15 weeks w 1st baby due to IC. Praying for healing and hoping to TTC ASAP! Positive Test: 11/13/2017 MC: 1/31/2018

...hurting so DAMN badly?

I miscarried my daughter at 15 weeks on 4/10/16 as a result of an incompetent cervix. The doctors didn't want to do a cerclage because I was having moments of bleeding. They also said it was my first pregnancy and they had no history to determine cervical incompetence.

Sometimes I think I'm ok and then I lose it. I can't even breathe. Right now I can't stop crying. It feels like the first day all over again. I didn't realize how much I loved this baby until I had to grieve for her. I don't know if I'm going to make it. Something inside of me just hurts SO badly.