Yay my body works!! 😁 Happy Girl ✨

Rachel • 9 years of infertility and PCOS. Finally pregnant with my first 🤰🏼✨🌈💕💙
So being diagnosed with PCOS at just 19 I freaked out and have always worried that I could never have a baby... This is my biggest fear as its the one thing I want in life is to be a mummy. 
I stopped the pill just over a year ago and have been ttc ever since. With no luck 👎🏼 I thought about giving up and that it was never going to happen for me...
Anyway... I finally plucked up the courage to buy some ovulation tests to check that I actually do ovulate. And I do!! Look at this beautiful dark line!! 😁😁 I know it's not a big thing to most people but it really is to me. I am wondering if maybe my SO should get his sperm tested too? Just to check that there is no issues there aswell? What do you lovelies think? 💋 xo