Disagreeing on God Parents...need advice

My husband wants to ask his 32 year old brother to be our daughter's God Father. I have already asked my best friend to be her God Mother. My friend has been a nanny for the past 10 years with a huge heart and loads of experience. She's just an overall really good person! 
I'm not saying my brother-in-law is a "bad" person, however, he has been trouble since the day I met him. I think my husband feels a bit obligationed to ask him. He thinks his mom will make comments and get all upset. 
My brother in law has a huge record. He hasn't had a valid driver's license in over 10 years and he can't keep a job. His last girlfriend threw him in jail and now he's on probation for the next 2 years. He also smokes a lot of weed and refuses to stay clean. Risking he will go to jail again. 
This has added a huge amount of stress to the mix. I hate disagreeing with my husband. He has been defending his brother and isn't willing to see my side of this whole ordeal.