We did it

Bailey • Married, age 33, gestational carrier for best friends
We did it! I am 30, Interior designer in Dallas TX. I have been with my husband since i was 15, married since 2010. Have a son who is 3 and 2 dogs, "Buttercup" and "Carrot Cake". We have been TTC for baby #2 since Oct. 2013. I am so elated and grateful. The Glow community has been there thru it all! It only took one try when we were trying for our first so this 6 months has been challenging. I know there r a lot of women out there that have been trying a lot longer or have difficult obstacles to overcome, such as PCOS and many other fertility issues. And for those women (and men) I admire.
My winning, March madness combo worked this month. Fertility bracelets, mucinex and OPK's. 
​God, this amazing community, and my loving hubby helped me persevere, stay positive and never give up!