Life hurts

So today I found out my bf of two years does not love me one bit but he is with me merely for showing everyone what an independant adult he's become in the beginings of his 30's , gaining higher social respect by having a pretty young girl by his side . He never caresses me , nor he touches me enough before sex and he had claimed he is the master of romantic sex when we first met but he only was romantic once , but when I was really enjoying myself he stopped,  saying , uh youre too wet ; he embarreses me a lot and My self steem has declined severly . I feel like I was blind last two years . I have had   depression since I was 15 and my partner has suffered cuz of that , too , but thats no reason to make someone feel ashamed of who they are . He can put me down so easily at my happiest times and he wont hesitate to do that. Saddest part is , I know keeping him is stupid but Im not strong enough to change anything .