HCG levels-miscarriage

So as I posted yesterday, I had my first HCG blood draw done and my levels were only 30, I have had some cramping and some light brown spotting since Tuesday on/off. I had the OB nurse I work with look up my results for me because my doctors nurse hadn't called me yet, and she told me they were very low and I will more than likely be starting my period which will result in the miscarriage happening. Now I still have yet to get a call from my personal OB's nurse at all. So I called there earlier today and they said well if your results are in (they were in yesterday before noon) the nurse will give you a call back in about 45 minutes. That was over an hour and a half ago and still no call. It wouldn't bother me if the results were normal, but they aren't! I want to know when I'm supposed to expect to miscarry, where to go from here, what to do!  I thought my levels could just be super low because I'm extremely early, and possibly way earlier than I thought but they said that's almost 99% not the case.
Has anyone else ever had similar situation?