I havnt felt pretty for a long time now..

Idk why but I just have lost the sexy feeling and it hasn't come back. Daddy has been more then affectionate and loves my new pregnant body but I just can't stand looking at myself....I havnt worn make up in a long time since we have 3 little girls one almost 10 and always getting in trouble for warring it and dosnt listen to her dad about how he feels about it. I only wear eye liner if I ware anything but I've been waiting to paint my face cuz I feel so dull but that kinda dosnt help with him trying to prove a point to his daughter that she dosnt need make,up to be pretty and I don't want my girls using it at all and they both know that but it not much to worry about when they are only 5 and 7. Besides that he took me out for some new tops I wore my favorite one and I love it I just don't love me in it and I dislike how I looks so much that I didn't send it to him like I wanted I feel so unattractive. :( but here goes nothing I'm posting it to you ladies because I just love the top it's just me I'm so full next to it. 😢