Not feeling loved :(

Okay I know being pregnant is the perfect time to be pampered by your SO or husband or whatever. And I know it's fair to pamper them as well, but I haven't gotten ANYTHING this entire pregnancy. One foot rub and a few foot soaks (for my ingrown toenail) but that's it. I've asked him a million times for leg rubs or hinted that I'm in awful pain from work and house cleaning and I get "take some Tylenol." I love my husband more than anything, and he does a lot for our family. I give him little massages all the time and even got him a professional one not too long ago. I know he works as much as I do but physically it's more straining on me. No flowers or rubs or even a clean house to come home to. Stuff he used to do Before I got pregnant :( Idk, I'm just wondering why he's not getting the hints and it's making me depressed and get short with him. Any advice?