When did you start feeling uncomfortable?

So, tomorrow i am 33 weeks along, so 1 month and 3 weeks to go and it seems like it's FORRREVVVER AWAY! I've been feeling huge for probably the last month and a half, i don't feel like and was also told by my sister i didn't get this big with my two other daughters, i have to roll in and out of bed and switch sides to lay on constantly, it's not comfortable when i cross my legs any more while sitting because my belly needs that room, get uncomfortable being in the car for to long or just sitting upwards in general to long, or when i go for walks i have to limit the time other wise i start getting bh contractions, my back and hips are starting to ache more and more, I'm in a full waddle now when I'm walking with my arms swinging to help with balance, can't really have sex because of my placenta! Aaaand i feel like my energy level has gone down over the past month,i really just do not remember either pregnancies to be like this one which is fine every time is different, im more venting right now, i know it is all worth it and this is what comes with pregnancy, but i really do not remember it like this the 5 and 7 years ago i was pregnant, and oh the mood swings and emotional pregnant i am, don't even get me started! I am so ready but soooo not ready to have this little angel baby girl of mine, normal right?